The Truth About the Failure of German Energy Policies

German energy policies, contrary to fractivist opinion, have been an unmitigated disaster for consumers, the environment and their nation’s independence.

Germany embarked on Energiewende in 2010 with the goal of eventually making Germany independent of fossil fuels. The idea was to phase out oil, coal, and natural gas to allow for drastic reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. Since 2009, Germany has spent over a hundred billion euros on solar and wind energy, but carbon dioxide emissions did not decline over that period. In fact, they have risen by about 2 percent. The financial obligations from the expansion of wind and solar energy will continue to burden taxpayers for another two decades and will end-up costing German consumers around 550 billion euros.

In 2017, Germany’s energy consumption was fueled primarily by fossil fuels (79 percent). Renewables including hydroelectric power provided 15 percent and nuclear energy 5 percent. Despite the generating sector providing just about one-fifth of Germany’s total energy consumption, it was targeted to phase out its fossil fuel generating capacity under Energiewende. When the tsunami hit Japan in 2011, Germany decided to phase out its nuclear power first despite the unlikelihood of a similar disaster hitting Germany. Germany’s nuclear generation has declined by 56 percent since it reached its peak in 2001. Germany’s nuclear plants are to be shut down by 2022 and its coal-fired plants are to be closed by 2030.

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