The Undermining Role and Unfair Influence of Tax-Exempt Foundations

Tax-exempt foundations, especially supposed charities, are undermining our energy security and exercising completely unfair influence over government policy.

A new study, financed by a foundation itself, is out from Northeastern University that provides some much needed perspective on the role of tax-exempt foundations in fractivism. The study is entitled “Strategic philanthropy in the post‐Cap‐and‐Trade years: Reviewing U.S. climate and energy foundation funding” and is available here.

The study isn’t intended to delve into fractivism per se and doesn’t even mention tax-exemption. Yet, for the reader who knows the background, it lays out, in depth, much of the problem. Tax-exempt foundations, under the guise of being charities to which others can often secretly donate, are exercising unfair influence over energy policy throughout surreptitious lobbying and they’re undermining our energy security in the process.

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