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Facebook is not only intrusive but also horribly biased and we’re moving away from it as fast as we can to MeWe, an unbiased alternative. Join us on MeWe.

We’ve posted on Facebook for years, growing our “likes” to 36,853 over time. We’ve also advertised our posts to grow our audience. But, over time, its become apparent Facebook is not only biased against views such as ours, but also increasingly intrusive and difficult. Complaints are ignored or responded to with rote answers indicating no one read the complaints. Contacting them in real terms is impossible. It’s time for an alternative and MeWe seems to be among the best.

Facebook has also become ever more complex to the point nothing is easy or decipherable—more obtuse and nerdy by the day. It treats its customers as dupes to be manipulated. Advertising has now become pointless as a result of the political correctness being imposed. And, frankly, I’m tired of that nerdy twerp Zuckerberg making himself ever richer, while setting himself up as some sort of moral authority figure. So, while we’ll keep our Facebook account and still post links there for now, we’ll no longer be advertising. Instead, we’re concentrating on the advertising-free MeWe forum, where we’ve set a group just for you, our readers.

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