Think About Energy: The Importance Of A Smart Energy Policy

Thomas Pyle spoke at the Think About Energy briefing about the importance of a smart energy policy so the United States can be energy independent.

I don’t get out to Pennsylvania as much as I’d like, but when I do I always appreciate the warm welcome — and the good food — so thanks for inviting me today.

As was mentioned in the introduction, I proudly serve as the President of the Institute for Energy Researchand our advocacy arm, the American Energy Alliance. Our mission is to be a principled and effective voice in the energy policy arena, mainly at the federal level, but increasingly at the state level as well.

We support the principles of the free market because those principles lead to the best outcomes for everyone. It is an indisputable fact that property rights, market exchange, and the rule of law — not central planning — has delivered affordable energy, improved living standards, AND a cleaner environment.

We also stand for government policies that are predictable, simple, and technology neutral. We don’t believe that the government should be in the business of picking winners and losers. Instead, the welfare of energy consumers, energy producers, and taxpayers should be considered equally to create limited, but smart, energy policy.

Energy isn’t just one facet of the economy, it’s the economy’s lifeblood, affecting agriculture, manufacturing, health care, transportation — nearly all aspects of our lives. And while we support all forms of energy, all forms of energy are not created equal.

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