I currently have 4 seismic testing units on my property and was wondering if anyone might know how long until I hear any info on the results ...if at all


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I would not hold my breath on having anyone share the results with you. From what little I have seen and heard, it seems everything involved with the shale projects is on the DL.  Good luck to you.



who is doing the testing and where?


I have read technical articles which state that 2-D seismic testing is good but 3-D seismic testing is better.  The article claims that while 3-D seismic testing is more expensive it produces results which provide a 50% greater chance of locating reserves, thus permiting better placement of wells.   Are 3-D seismic testing procedures done with thumper trucks or with explosives?   Will O&G companies make drilling site decisions on 2-D testing or is 2-D the first step in the exploratory phase of development with 3-D to follow?  There seems to be a great deal of roadside seismic activity which I believe is for 2-D testing?   Geokinetics seems to be very active in both western & central Pa  this Spring.  Is this for 2-D or 3-D testing?

I am located in Dushore off 220, Geokinetics are doing the work for Chesapeake, I have not seen any thumper trucks at all so maybe it is 3D..
If rights holders/landowners are not leased, why would they allow seismic testing on their AC?  What you have is gas.  That's a known fact, or the testing wouldn't have  been ordered by the gas companies anyways.  Letting them know exactly what you have is like showing your hand in a card game.  Do you really believe those in charge will share w/you all they know in return?
it would be beneficial for the landowner, if the landowner used the results as a bargaining tool.  Anybody can pay for seismic testing, especially for info that is obtained in the public right of way.   most importantly, land owners that have leases expiring and land groups could purchase the info for lease renewals.   Just as other minerals, sand and gravel, or coal - knowing the amount, or close to it, leaves alot of guesswork out - for both parties.  the only bad part is the expense of the testing - which isnt bad when you consider what is on the line.  If my gas oil becomes available again, i will purchase the info.

I have been leased with CHK for 4 yrs, and I contacted them to verify that Geokinetics were doing the testing on my property for them. I would not just let anyone come onto my property to get random testing done.


It turns out it is 3-D testing being done..


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