As a landowner in Smith Township,  I have been searching to join a landowner group in Belmont County.  Please respond if you have any information regarding the formation of any such groups.   I like the structure of HCLOG (Harrison County Land Owner Group) and ALOV (Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley).  If there is interest, I do not see any reason why such a group would not work in Belmont County.

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I am in Washington Twp and I'm also interested in a group like this.

I spoke with Jeff Bailey today from the non-profit group ALOV that was so successful in April with their 60,000 acre lease of land in Columbiana, Carroll, Jefferson , Mahoning ,Stark, Tuscarawas,and Harrison Counties that was signed with Chesapeake. This was a $2250/acre, 17.5% Gross Proceeds royalty that was very landowner friendly. They are gathering landowner names/contact info to start a Belmont county group. This might be a good chance for us in Belmont to get a lease written for the benefit of us landowners and not the oil companies or middlemen. Their website is below.

If you are interested, please send me a message here 

What they term as successful is laughable in my opinion. the lease was pathetic and $2250 an acre. I lead a group in Smith township and have already tured down $2750 because i see leasing processes skyrocketing after the release of info on the Harrison and Jefferson County wells. Anyone who sign early will be sorely disappointed because the will sell out for cheap. Call if you want to talk I have 20,000 in my group in Smith and Goshen and surrounding areas plus I m holding a meeting tonight in Centerville at 7:00 pm at Community Center in Centerville.

I would like to learn more about your group.  Unfortunately,  I am unable to attend the meeting that you held tonight.   Can you provide future meeting dates, times and locations.
Currently we have a group in Belmont county. Our concentration is in Smith, Goshen, Washington and Union. We are building in other townships. Please give me a call 3*********** if you want to talk. 
I have 20 acres in Wheeling Twp.  I am still trying to get into touch with landowner's groups and see what their agreements are like and generally get a sense of them.  If anyone knows anybody I would want to contact, please let me know.


Give R. L. Burris with AMA  LLC a Landowners Group in several of those areas you and I have discussed,


I was able to join up with a non profit landowner group led by a landowner committee.   The group has a significant membership and continues to add additional members.  The group is concentrated mainly in Smith and Goshen but is accepting surrounding townships also.   I was impressed with the number of acres the group has been able to put together.   If anyone is still looking for a group to get involved with,  send me a message directly and I can provide you with the contact information.

I am still looking for a landowners group to join as well. I have attempted to contact ALOV and the Ohio Valley Landowners but so far I have had little success in getting a meaningful reply. I have 12 acres in Wheeling Twp, Belmont County Ohio. If anyone has had any success in joining a group or has a recomendation as to which group might be best to join.



I have 40 acres in Belmont and still not sure if anyone is interested in leasing property, unable to find a group
Where in Belmont (what Twp)?


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