Five years ago we signed  our mineral rights for  100 acre       can this contract be broken or is it automatically renewed?     

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Depends on the language.  Who was it with, what is the extension language like, etc?

Did you sign with Oxford?  Have you received any royalties?   

Do you have a copy of your lease? What does your lease contract say on the matter? Has any activity taken place that could/would be defined as "Held by Production"? Any well pads, any surface activity of any sort on your property or neighboring properties? Any permits issued in your neighborhood that could possibly unitize your acres? Who did you lease with? What township is the land located in?

Yes    states automatic renew    only activity is well pads going in        XTO energy     wheeling      anyone ever break contract?

I've heard of some people's lease states that even just a well pad on your property is enough to hold that property for ever.Get it out and read it carefully. Last resort;take it to an attorney.

Or post a copy here with your personal info redacted. We'll pick it apart and figure out what you're up against.

I'd be happy to look at it as well.  They shouldn't be able to "automatically renew" the lease without making the renewal payment that you negotiated.  If they decide to exercise the option to renew in accordance with the lease, there's nothing you can really do.  Both sides must abide by the lease that was agreed upon -- you can't break the lease if they renew.


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