We had a lease with Great River Energy LLc that was never paid they still have a lease on file under our parcels in Belmont Co Ohio for over a year. Any ideas on how to get this removed? I cant not find a good number or anyone to contact. Davis Law Office in Bridgeport just keep telling us  " we have nothing to do with them"

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Sounds like you need to deal with Great River, not Davis Law Office, or hire an attorney of your own to send them a simple letter explaining that they have violated the terms of your lease (assuming they have) and that it is now null and void and that they have 30 days to remove the lease filing from the Belmont County Recorder's records or show it cancelled.

Have you sent them notice at the address in the lease that you plan to terminate for non-payment and make a demand to have them file a release with the county?  Pretty sure that they can be in trouble for clouding your title - CHK got nailed for this down in Texas and elsewhere - they were found liable for causing damages b/c they mineral owners was not able to lease the property up b/c they had filed a lease, and by the time they released their lease, bonus price had dropped.

You need to look for a Company called Orange Energy Consultants they did the leasing for the acreage under the name Great River Energy. This was actually a LLC under AEU they should be able to get you information about getting released.

They did same thing to me. Signed Dec 2013 recorded memorandum but never paid. Tried to get out of their lease because RICE was offering more. After i sent notice of forfeiture the pricks  paid. . No one answers the phones at Orange or Great River. I'm busy for the next month or so but when i get some time i will send a Notice of Foreiture. See what happens. Pay or Quit scammers


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