I heard that ODNR is working on new mapping that moves the wet gas boundary to the eastern 1/3 of Belmont county. The western 2/3 of the county will show as definitely in the wet gas area.

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Does anyone have the link to the current map that shows this.   I have seen several utica maps and they all indicate wet gas through most of the county.   I have been looking for the map that was referenced.   From what I have see is the western most belmont county is in the oil window,  and the eastern most part is in the dry gas area.   I would appreciated any information on the "new" mapping also.

Mrs. Not Leased

I made a mess on your picture map, hope you like it.

Maybe the ODNR will use this one save all that money they been wasting



Mr. Roberts, I like your picture map but you did not finish it,L.O.L. You did not color in Trumbull county.

Nice map.  At least now I can see Belmont County is wet gas.  I trust your "best guess".

Contact Larry Wickstrom at ODNR DOGRM on Monday and ask him. It does exist but it is not quite finished and ready for release yet because the people at ODNR Oil and Gas are 99.9% tied up with the earthquake issue right now. The gas zone mapping has been put on the back burner and the earthquake issue moved front and center because of political pressure from the fractivist crowd. This IS an election year.

But don't pay any attention to me - I make silly comments.

So good news about the oil and gas deposits under Belmont county is silly? The fact that the new information available shows more of the county being wet than before should be viewed as good news to landowners because it puts more of the county in the more valuable wet zone. 

ODNR is revising their maps of the wet/dry/oil zones of the Utica based on the information that comes to them from each and every well that is being and has been drilled. ODNR is the clearinghouse for all that information. Oil and gas companies only have access to what their activity has shown. The larger picture comes from ALL the O&G activity in the area. We all get bits and pieces from what little we each have access to, which  taken individually is hard to evaluate. ODNR sees the information on ALL the wells as they are the permitting/reporting authority. They are best equipped to put all that together and they have done so and are in the process of udpdating those maps to reflect what they know today compared to what was known when the current maps were created.

But don't pay any attention to what I've said because it is silly! I guess I don't need to share what I know here any more.

Brian  come on , everyone in here has a opinion some trust the oil companies some don't, Some want to compare data from different sources. But  in discussing the issues can't we avoid confrontational post when the target is in the area of our mutual interest?

 Note I said mutual interest, that leaves anti fracker, anti drillers fair game to some extent.  

Thanks Brian


   In an effort to strike a harmonious chord, both parties have valid points. ODNR should be applauded for attempting to correct the dry gas/wet gas/oil boundaries. On the other hand there have been only a few Utica wells drilled in Belmont County, and it is difficult to imagine ODNR can find enough hard data to accurately draw new lines. And unfortunately, as Brian noted earlier, they will likely only have limited additional data on 3/31/12. Probably will be a year or so before they can make intelligent modifications.

   I would be surprised and disappointed if ODNR speculated on new boundaries without hard data. So likely, we're stuck with the best available data. I didn't think Magnum's map differed much from ODNR's current map other than to pinpoint a few wells.

  Full disclosure: I'm an absentee Belmont County landowner and therefore follow these developments closely. Furthermore, I'm no expert and have learned much monitoring Go Marcellus for the past year without making many posts.

  I also don't like to see confrontational or negative comments here. We all have similar objectives.



 In my opinion, Finnbear is a consistently valuable contributor to Go Marcellus and I find his (assumption on my part!) posts to be articulate, well-informed and well thought through. Again, just my opinion.


I agree

Mega Dittos!


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