Has anyone heard anything about a pad being built on the Pang property or 2 pads to be built on the Truchan property in Wheeling Twp.

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They r currently surveying in wheeling Twp between union town and flushing. Surveyor said they are surveying to locate a pad somewhere on brokaw road, but they would not say what property it will be on. They are currently surveying in the northwest direction. Does anyone have any more info?

I know they have been surveying on sheperstown road and down in to Fairpoint on route 9 for Pang pad that is to be built. Spoke to Rettew Surveying and they confirmed that there were going to be 2 pads on Chester Truchan property and 1 on the Pang property. There is also another company surveying for a pipeline combining across route 9 from over from sheperstown road. I think it is to continue to over by Uniontown on  route 331.

Looks like they are starting the Truchan well pad today. All the equipment is there to make the pad. They have Parnell road builders redoing the Shepherdstown road in the area of the pad.. . Finally a little action in Wheeling Twp. Drill baby drill !!!  Now we just need the gas and oil prices to keep rising.


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