I came across this article that was posted yesterday and it just seems too good to be true. It talks about something called SteriFrac that is 100% safe for the environment that is used for fracking fluid.  If this is true then it's a great thing!  Does anyone know anything about this?



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I would think that if this SteriFrac is for real and as advertised then there will be:

1) No possibility of groundwater contamination.

2) No other detrimental environmental issues.

3) No health or hazard concerns related to fracking fluid.

4) No need for the enormously deep waste injection wells at incredibly high pressures thereby eliminating a potential cause of earthquakes, or at the very least the concern thereof.


Thanks for the reply and info.  So, this stuff is credible then.  I get the impression from the article that this SteriFrac fluid is not simply an additive but a replacement for the currently used mixture of water, sand and other liquid(s) mostly used fracking fluid now so I would also think that it does not need to be disposed of in the deep, super high pressure injection wells.

I am now hearing about fracking with propane, from what im understanding,it is then recovered and reused. Anybody heard of that?

I did hear about that a while back, I think they said it was being developed by a company in Canada.

Interesting article.  But I would be very leary of using propane - being so combustible - and according to the article about 75% is not recovered - does that mean a potential propane "bomb" is left deep underground?  I would think that may cause more than a minor earthquake if ignited - lol.

It is just one ingredient of a frac fluid recipe. A biocide is used to kill bacteria in the water that causes corrosion. There are a number of other constituents of a frac recipe besides the biocide.

Hi Ed,

To answer your question, yes I do have information on Sterifrac, in fact if you are in the oil drilling industry or own wells, I would be more than happy to send you a free sample. I would like to bring to your attention Sterifrac is proudly manufactured and packaged in USA.  It is 100% green, 100% Clean, Non Toxic, Non-Corrosive and Non-Flammable. I want to reassure you Sterifrac is EPA and FDA approved biocide that will reduce bacteria and control the growth of odor and slime producing microorganisms to protect fracturing fluids with no hazardous fumes or toxic chemicals. How exciting for the safety of our environment we live and breath in. Attached is some collateral material, please read and call or email with any question, looking forward to talk with you, Thanks


I am just a land owner so forgive my naivity.  I HOPE to have a well or be part of one anyway - lol!  So, does Strifrac replace just the additives in fracking fluid or does it completely replace the water + sand + chemicals.  It sounds to me from your brochures that you still mix this with water (and sand?) right?  But since this is non-toxic I presume the water can be filtered and reused?


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