Just received a letter from EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, LLC located in Bridgeville, PA concerning leasing property for gas wells.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  Their head geologist was formerly with Cabot Oil and Gas.  Website:  www.edgemarcenergy.com

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I never heard of them, but just sent them an email to see if there is any interest in leasing our gas rights. It can't hurt to get more information. I'm tired of going in circles with Shell. Thanks for posting the info CJ.

Thanks Donna, I sent Joe an email.

Thanks Donna.  Do you have a lease with them? 


Thanks for the info.  Are you affliated in any way with EdgeMarc, Edgewater, etc.?  Have you had any dealings with them, or have a lease with them?


So you're a landsman?  Thanks for all the info.


Really?  Donna wrote that I should contact you, that you were a good guy to deal with.  Are you leasing any property now? 

Ok.  Thanks Joe. 


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