Check ODNR today and Columbiana county has some permits issued this week in Fairfield township by Atlas Noble. I know this well is already drilled. Why were new permits issued?

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They are additional wells. The pad was designed for more wells.

I think it is actually a different pad.  Atlas has a pad planned for south of 14 in addition to the one north of 14 just past rt 7 east of Columbiana.   Check and see if the well name isn't slightly different.  I will check on odnr and see what I can find.  Also as Kristy mentioned each pad can have 6-12 wells on it.


Ok this is the well that has the new permits today and if you check the longitude and latitude given for them I think you will find they are the well south of 14 ... the new pad.

The existing well pad north of 14 is named FIRESTONE  HOMESTEAD  PAD  B so it is not actually the same well as has already been drilled.  Sometimes the names are quite close like this.

I agree with you James. I looked again and feel it is a different pad. I think everyone forgets though that each pad can have 6-12 or even 18 wells (Consol is working on this in Pennsylvania) and that means each well gets its own permit. I


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