how can they just quit paying royalties , they are getting paid millions  . reason not to pay = gas price is to low lying stealing and cheating!  is all it is . no laws! to protect us . we are screwed !  i wont say who because they will sue me . herd this is happening as well so whatch what you say on here .

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don't disagree - if they know they over paid, then they should have the analysis showing it.  And regardless of their financial condition, your royalties are not their property.  Best of luck, sounds like a crappy situation to have to deal with.


    Law suits work both ways. Try one to remedy your problem.

Jeff & Mark,

    What your producer meant is that they forgot to underpay your royalties like the big company that doesn't read leases has been doing in every state they have operated in.

That same company always tries to save themselves by reducing royalties but have gone so low they can't take any more without it being obvious that we are paying them to take our well products. That's what they get for taking NGLs free from day one.

I know this is an older thread but have other individuals experienced a completed cancellation of their royalties. 

The same is happening to me is there any resolution in sight?

Rice has stopped paying me.

Rice has told me I have no oil and gas rights even though I have received a lease bonus payment and copies of the recordings of declaration of pooled units in Greene Cty, Center Twp. This all happened through Vantage before Rice took them over. They claim my mother who I inherited the rights from was the wrong person even though I and my sister was found from her info. I am in central Ohio, my sister was in S, Carolina and is now deceased. My name is also in Pa land records as Grantor  MEMORANDUM and grantee for one of the pools. I've been told Rice is far from honest. Any others experiencing this?


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