say thier is a well that has 3-4 650 acre pooling units in it  and my unit only has 1 leg in it  that is producing ,do i get payment from the 1 leg or do i get payment from all legs which are  are producing from well pad ?  i am confused on how this works ?   thanks in advace .

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Hello Joe and congratulations on being in a unit at least I hope you are.
From my understanding the unit descriptions can be pretty much up to the companies imagation if there aren't any restrictions in the lease.
With that being said I think what's happening with this companies that are the operators of the wells that have drilled through some of Chevrons leases are forming units with just the wells that have been drilled through Chevrons part of the unit.
So if they drill say three wells through a portion that Chevron owns those three wells will be in a unit by themselves as Chevron has paid their share of cost to drill those wells.
I hope I have explained that well enougth as always in my humble opinion

thanks !   but, same company owns all 4- 650 acre plots from  1  well pad . when complete will have 26 legs their is 10 drilled but , only 5 fracked  their are 3 legs in my 650 acre plot but , only 1 fracked so , i would guess i only get paid from 1 leg ?   or do they use all legs for payment ? 

You should receive a division order and you could figure out how many acres are in youre production unit.
If you haven't received one maybe a call to the company is in order especially if they have one well in production.

so i only get paid from acrage in divsion order this was my thoughts but, someone said i was wrong so ,i was confused about it  thanks again

well this is what came about i have never got to lease my rights when all this big money hit i have a 5 dollar and acre lease that has been bought and sold 6 times in 7 years their was extension clause in the lease so 10 years. till it was up!  i know sucks !  but mind you i signed it before they new gas was here . and i come to find out it was bought again by a driller close bye, all my neighbors are in a plot everyone but me . i have seen those papers because my cousin is in it . so i contact them for a friend not even for  me because he is not good with talking to people and they then tell me ohhh we own your rights as well ! we traded chevron for them . you will be getting royalties in march ? i wanted to ask more but, she said she was in a hurry couldn't answer bunch questions so ,here i set i have tried to call back but she don't answer or respond to e-mails i do know their is one leg fracked in my cousins unit which surrounds me  i have yet to get any paperwork ?

This companies lack communications with the landowners it seems
Hopefully when you receive you're royality check next month there will be a telephone number for royality holders to call with questions.

boy i hope so, bad thing is my old lease was for all gases even methane and  1/8 royalties  to boot ! i will never get to lease . i really could have used some extra  money as i have 1 in college and another starting next year . just my luck i guess at the end of the string it seems.     thanks for chatting with me about it 

never did get a check e=mailed them now they say i have interest in Texas not pa? what a bunch wieners . i will give them few more weeks then i will get attorney on it >


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