Does anyone have information on either the companies who are purchasing or the process being paid for O & G rights in these townships: Gilmore, Jackson Wayne, Perry Whitely, Freeport or Springhill??

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Rome is below the utica

The Rome Trough has nothing to do with the Utica. The Rome Trough was a failed graben that strongly effected the deposition of the formations below the Trenton and Utica, but had stopped growing by Utica time.

Much of the dry gas Utica happens to be located with an area underlain by the Rome Trough, but that is a happenstance of geography. So far the deeper "Rome Trough" possible reservoirs have failed to provide economic returns.

The Rome Trough has 16 different Oil and Gas Plays compared to Ohio's 3 elevations of Shale Plays, the Marcellus, Utica and Point Pleasant. I call Ohio the shoreline or beach of the Rome Trough. The trough cuts across the US at close to a 45 degree angle cutting into AL, TN, KY, WV, PA, NY and Canada in that order.

Do a search for Kentucky,  Reasonably Foreseeable Development Scenario for Fluid Minerals. This document was written for Kentucky by the US Dept Of Interior, Bureau Of Land Management, Eastern States.

The details start on Page 11 Paragraph 3.4 Appalachian Basin Province in Eastern Kentucky, and continues to page 13. There are actually more than 16 plays mentioned.


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