Do. You have any information on the Denny well next to McNicholas well. I am one of the owners of the land next to Denny between West Virginia. Trying to find well maps. Or permits. Thanks

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AS OF MARCH 15 2014...FRANKLIN DENNY GRE3H...PA PUC REPORTS NO WELL DEVELOPMENT STARTED.....MGOrg;14875   (DEP permit number; 059-26049)  Gas company  Chesapeake Appalachia. Original permit issued; aug. 21, 2012   ...permit reauthorizations; 08/09/2013.... 

Thank u for the update

Hello every body. Just got an offer on mineral rights for the Utica 4500.00 and 18 %. Is this a fair price? Has anyone had any other offers? Greene Co Spring Hill Thanks Rick

Hello Paul. I have some property in that area too if you would like to discuss.


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