Any more info on the Hall pad  off of Rt 151  past Bethel Church?

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It's the portion of the well that is in the area which we will frack and where the gas and oil will come from.  After they run the casing into the hole they just drilled, it is cemented in place.  The term "string" is used  to distinguish between the different zones of the well which are all drilled with different bit sizes.  For our typical Utica, horizontal wells, we have a 5 1/2 inch steel casing run into a hole about 8 3/4 iches wide.  This is what is getting cemented in place and where the perforation guns blast holes through to get access to the hydrocarbons down there.

Thanks for the explanation. My step sons inherited property in the area and the #6  will go right thru their land, they sold the land but reserved the mineral rights. I appreciate it


The 5H is over 10,000 ft. long. One of CHK's longest in the area if not the longest. Does anyone know if the Hall North Unit has been changed from the original Unit recorded?


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