Anybody have any info on the well pad on Hanover Ridge? All I have is  Sadie 33-10-4. I got that from the guy running a waterline to it.

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I found info under the Engineer's Report tab on the ODNR database.  Report is attached.  This pad isn't far enough along in the process to show up on the ODNR well map yet.  Attached is the report, and here is the location:

(You may know all this already, but it might benefit anyone else who's interested in this new pad.)


Thanks Dan  Do you have any idea. Why they have so many apps for that site.

No, I don't. It seems redundant.
Looks like several wells on that pad

looks like the Sadie will have 10 legs.......and will be killing the jewett sportsman club permits that have been in limbo forever

Permits were approved on July 15th, looks like 14 wells, if I am reading this right.  Seems like a lot for one pad.

Did anyone notice this is in the Trenton formation and not Utica or Marcellus?

Looks like the pad is finished. TGS crews have been around the unit the last week or so, setting charges and placing sensors for their seismic survey.

Drilling will start in March. Plans are made to lay the water line to the well. 

We signed for a temporary ROW for the water line a few weeks ago.  The landman told me they are having trouble getting a ROW through the Freeman property.

Just talked to the landman. All are signed, But ours going to try and meet him this week.

Just heard the well is now off the drilling schedule. 


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