Hello all, I have heard horizontal drilling can extend to a radius of 600 acres, don't the mineral rights owners within the 600 acres need to give permission and get paid ? or is it only up to the owner of the drilling site who has mineral rights  Thank you.

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Hi Julie,

For efficiency and profitability, most production units are 640 acres, but not always.

Yes, all mineral rights owners within the production unit, should be paid for their gas. Be aware, however, many land owners in WV do not own their mineral rights - often they were severed from the surface, generations ago.

Your deed should tell you if you own your mineral/gas rights - or surface only.

Sincerely, Kit

Thank you for the info, our landman told us we would get royalties on all 600 acres - (another) falsehood, it sure didn't sound right. We just received a letter from the mineral rights owners of the parcel adjoining ours and they had even less information than we did. Thank goodness for sites such as this one to inform the public. Thank you again for your time.

You will get royalties from every well in the production unit - based on the amount of acres you have in the production unit, and your royalty percentage is also shown on your lease.


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