Interesting, nothing listed for the James well. Hurtt wells only 3 days.


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I hope that the poor production #'s have more to do with lack of infrastructure than actual well potential.  The numbers are not encouraging, but that doesn't seem to be slowing Hilcorp or Chevron down... 

It has to be lack of infrastructure. I am surprised by the James well since they have already tied into the TGP lines that cross behind the pad. It's possible that those lines are not able to support the well hookups yet.

It sounds like the Bluegrass line may be at risk. Williams partner Boardwalk took a big financial hit this past week and it sounds like they may be in trouble. Throw in the pipeline explosion in KY and it may end up not happening at all.


The James well is now listed in the production report. 

Gas quantity  312100 mcf

condensate quantity  11.6 bbl

Both for 153 days production

I believe they reported for their wells in Lawrence Co also. Check above link to view.

poor numbers


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