N.Y. Fossil Fuels Verses World Recyclable Fuels as Questions ask by you to our public elected officials and or employees.


Please do not disclose the Individual person but the State Department is required here but you may want to record that person in your own records. If you have asked a question date it month/day/year, how you obtain it like phone, E-mail, face to face if it was an official or employee for a accurate record and this is no place to post your opinion only the question you have asked and the reply or answer you received.

Please post each one separately and go for it!


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Where's the question?
Must be the post didn't upload right
Here is some Questions I have asked the DEC around the 9th and have not heard back from them yet

DEC-EPA-DMV-State study questions

Has anyone been to Pa.?
If so:
How long was the stay?

How many times?

How many and what locations?

Is there a site plan of the basic drill site?

Will there be drilling sites of one sq. mile and side by side to completely fracture a huge area to recover as much gas as possible?

Once a regulation is passed by the federal government can the state adjust it, increase and or decrease it?

Once a regulation is passed by the state government can a county adjust it, increase and or decrease it?

Once a regulation is passed by the county government can a town adjust it, increase and or decrease it?

If not can the state allow under there regulation allow this in some form if they find or feel there is a loop hole so they can protect themselves from each other.

Will there be provisions made so a driller, a trucking company and those involved have to pull permits from the federal too town governments.

Will you require that all equipment be individually cleaned and checked out and recorded on paper, a copy required to be carry with that equipment and made public two days before going to the drill site and equipment leaving the drill site that is, close enough to possibly be contaminated? Treat the site as a virus and don’t cross that line unless you want to be treated as a virus.

Is wildlife protected and in what way?
As an example but not limited too: Is it required to install bearers and all known ways to keep out wildlife and pets of the drill well site until all the site is considered safe to the point of original condition?
If it dose get in will it be destroyed so as not to enter our food change?
If not destroyed then tag it electronic and physically also should it be ck by a veterinarian?

Will there be drilling during migration of wildlife?
Mexico once a year looks forward to see the monarch butterfly.
Also hunters look forward to hunt for sport and food.


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