I have been approached by a landman from the above companies to lease land which I have a fractional interest in, for another unnamed company. The landman's company wants shallow rights and will pass on deeper rights. Price not discussed yet but I would guess it will be a lowball amount. Any knowledge of activity? He says they have been working with this unnamed company forming units around Auburn. I live out of the area and don't know neighbors.

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Likewise, I have been approached by a landman (landwoman actually) from CNX for signing an amendment to an existing 1927 lease to pool a unit  on  property my family own's in Calhoun County..I do not want to sign it without knowing more about it. Apparently we do not have a 'Calhoun' group yet. I live out of the area (out of the state) as well and have spent the last 2 weeks giving myself an intensive self imposed crash course on O&G. It appears that there may not be a Marcellus-shale deep well yet n Calhoun?  We have had a local attoney look over this lease but my feeling is that perhaps I need an attorney  that is soley devoted to O&G leases and has had some experience with deeper wells.

Hi Melanie,

You could go to this website https://apps.dep.wv.gov/oog/permitsearch_new.cfm and put in Calhoun County, and Marcellus Shale as the target. There is  a page full of permits.

Then do this https://apps.dep.wv.gov/oog/welllist_new.cfm

for the wells actually drilled.

I think CNX is Consol.

I haven't read much about Calhoun County. It is directly south of Ritchie, where our family owns rights.

Landowners Educational meeting for 5 Star Landowners Group[Ritchie,Wetzel, Pleasants, Tyler, Dodridge] is on the 24th at 1pm.   Public is invited. 

Thanks James- I will try to make that soon. Where do they meet?

the meeting will be at the Tyler county fairgrounds in the log cabin building outside of Middlebourne on SR18...


 I would imagine they have to get all the leases back from those being pooled first to file for the permit? No other deep hprizontal well in Calhoun is listed.

From the info I have read, Consol is CNX (Having bought out Dominion..our orignal lease).I read that Noble Energy bought out 50% of CNX's West Virginia Marcellus Shale well operations last year. So that might be the reason for the influx of development money.

Still trying to discern if this is a serious proposal or not...I would hate to spend money on attorney fees only to find out that drillers typically pool and create units without ever intending to really follow through. I know we had shallow leases where that was the case. (Not to mention the emotional toll of everyone in the extended family who has a piece of the pie). We own the surface also and it is our family farm back to the early 1830's. So we are scrambling to preserve the former homesite (from 1800's) where the landman mentioned that it would have to be bulldozed over. Thanks for the links.


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