Marcellus Landowner Groups


Apalachin Landowners Group

933 Long Creek Rd Apalachin, New York 13732 | United States

PHONE: (607) 625 - 4543 - Contact Loretta Sullivan

landowners group for apalachin, south owego, nichols and campville


Bedford County PA Property Rights Group

PHONE: (585) 924 - 4979 |

Contact: Mike Benard

We are landowners who own property in Clearville (Bedford County) PA. We are fighting eminent domain actions in federal court (Johnstown) launched by Spectra Energy and backed by FERC. We fight for property rights, transparency and accountability.


Central New York Landownders Coalition

936 County Route 34 | Norwich, NY 13815

PHONE: (607) 334 - 2051 | Contact Richard Lasky

Our mission statement is education, negotiation and conservation. Our goal is to help people in the coalition not to make a mistake by signing dangerous and misleading leases. , A COALITION IS A GROUP THAT STICKS TOGETHER TO ACHIEVE THE GOOD OF ALL


Chemung County Land Owner Gas Coalition

939 Wyncoop Creek Road | Chemung, NY 14859

PHONE: (607) 529 - 3371 |

A Grassroots volunteer effort sponsored by the Chemung County Farm Bureau. The goal of the group is to lease wisely and maximize royalties and sign on bonuses with strength in numbers.


Columbia County Land Owners Coalition

140 Derrs Rd | Benton, PA 17814

PHONE: (570) 458 - 4337 |

Contact Bruce Anderson

The Columbia County Land Owners Coalition was formed to help landowners in the respective communities to obtain the best value and lease options for a comprehensive lease.


Greenfield Gas Group

1443 Heart Lake Rd | Jermyn, Pa 18433

PHONE: (570) 254 - 6953 | Contact Trevor Walczak

Our group awarded North Coast Energy the lease agreement. Accepting all additional acreage in the townships of: Clifford, Lenox, Gibson, Nicholson, Benton, Greenfield, Scott, North Abington under same terms of our lease.


Hartwick Area Landowner's Coalition

182 Toy Farm Road | Hartwick, New York 13348

PHONE: (607) 293 - 6621 | Contact Michael K. Covert

We are a group of neighbors from Hartwick and surrounding townships who are working together to negotiate an acceptable lease that provides all with financial benefits and protect our natural resources. We are located in Otsego County, New York.


Jefferson Twp. Gas Lease Group

581 Cortez Rd | Lake Ariel, PA 18436

PHONE: (570) 840 - 6400 | Contact Joe Ceresko

We are a group of neighbors working together to negotiate an acceptable lease that provides all with maximum financial benefits as well as long term protection of our natural resources. Serving Jefferson Twp and surrounding area of Wayne County, PA


LWPOA.INFO ( Lower Wayne Property Owners Alliance

Southern Wayne County, PA 18459

PHONE: (570) 983 - 0709 | | Contact See Below Listing

LWPOA.INFO WILL HAVE MORE LEVERAGE GETTING a Friendly Property Owner Contract FROM A GAS COMPANY BECAUSE WE ARE A GROUP. TELL YOUR NEIGHBOR JOIN Joe Pavlovich 570.499-3077 Tom Daschke 937-4505 Chuck Coccodrilli 983-0709 Cindy Gally 698-6032


Northeast Pa. Landowners Association

Lenoxville and Honesdale, PA

PHONE: (570) 732 - 3754 | Contact Michael F. Pokalsky, SPE

We are a group of landowners primarily in Susquehanna,Lackawanna and Wayne ctys. and have 16,000 acres in our group. We have new and different ways of ensuring safe and profitable exploitation of natural gas. Please call if you have not signed.


Noxen Area Gas Group

RR1 Box 196 | Noxen, PA 18636

PHONE: (570) 298 - 0962 | Contact Joel Field

We have 3,000 compact, nearly contigous acres in southern Wyoming County, PA. We are four miles from Williams pipeline. We are pragmatic group looking for fair lease with financially stable company intent on drilling.


Oxford Land Owners Group

4511 State Hwy 12 | Oxford, NY 13830

PHONE: (607) 843 - 2221 | Contact Bryant La Tourette

Together we can offer a larger holding of land and receive a better price/bonus and royalty per acre. Oxford, Greene, Preston, Bainbridge, Guilford, Smithville, Pharsalia, McDonough.


Preston Gas Association

8138 Bodin Ave | Pasadena, MD 21122

PHONE: (410) 693 - 0664 | Contact: Jim Moore

We are Preston County landowners joined together to negotiate a favorable gas lease with higher royalties, larger bonuses, and fair treatment of the land. There are no costs or obligations to participate in the group.



SWRTPG, P.O. Box 307 | Sweet Valley, PA 18656

PHONE: (570) 256 - 7396 | Contact: Kenneth L. Long

We are a nonprofit group formed to educate property owners in Ross Township, Luzerne Co. Pa. about issues relevant to leasing of their gas, oil, and mineral rights and obtaining a lease that benefits its members and protects the environment.


Schuyler County New York

183 Wygant Road | Horesheads, NY 14845

PHONE: (607) 426 - 6125 | Contact: William Locke

Schuyler County Land Owner Coalition of Schuyler County, New York. Mission: to educate landowners about the true value of their oil/gas & mineral rights. To provide information on leasing terms, favorable to landowners.


Steuben County, New York

5570 Co. Rt 29 | Woodhull, NY 14898

PHONE: (607) 458 - 5302 - Contact: Ken Knowles

Steuben County Land Owner Coalition of Steuben County, New York. Mission: to educate landowners about the true value of their oil/gas & mineral rights. To provide information on leasing terms, favorable to landowners.


Sullivan Delaware Property Owners Assn.

71 Viaduct Road | Long Eddy, NY 12760

PHONE: (845) 887 - 4728 - Contact: Noel van Swol

Property owners on the NY side of the upper Delaware river, Hancock, Freemont, Delaware and Cochecton.


Susquehanna Wayne Oil Gas Group - Contact: On Website

To work as a group to ensure the best possible gas lease to protect local landowners and gain unity in the strength of combined acreage and to provide as much current information as possible to benefit ourselves and the group as a whole.


Tioga County Landowners Group

Box 18 | Tioga Center, NY 13485

PHONE: (607) 687 - 2800 | Contact Nick Schoonover

The Tioga County Landowners Group has been formed to join landowners in southern Tioga County together to obtain the best possible gas lease compatible with our ownership goals.


Unatego Area Landowners Association

627 Flax Island Rd. | Otego, NY 13825

PHONE: (607) 988 - 9116 | Contact Richard Downey

This site was created to inform, educate and empower the people in S.W. Otsego County when dealing with the gas companies.


Union Center/West Corners Group

693 Boswell Hill Road | Endicott, NY 13760

PHONE: (607) 785 - 1684 | Contact: John Nixon

Western Broome County, New York


Vestal Gas Coalition

2350 Glenwood RD | Vestal, NY 13850

PHONE: (607) 341 - 2982 | Contact Jeff Decker

The Vestal Coalition is actively seeking a mutually beneficial gas lease between our members and a reputable energy company. All landowners within the Town of Vestal are welcome to join.


Windsor & Colesville Gas and Oil Lease Coalition

1529 NY RT 79 | Windsor, NY 13865

PHONE: (607) 760 - 9459 | Contact: Jim Worden

Membership includes the Towns of Windsor, Colesville, Afton and Fenton. Our goals involve Maximizing benefits and protections for our community. Membership is free with no minimum acreage size and members are not bound to do as the coalition does.


Wyoming County Landowners

PO Box 798 | Tunkhannock, PA 18657 | Contact: Bill Wilson or Chip Lines-Burgess

Wyoming County Landowners Group (Wyoming County, PA): Please be advised, our group effort is complete. We have successfully lease and we are signed. We received $5750/acre and 20% royalty. For those within Wyoming County PA still needing to get signed, with our lease and terms - follow this link You'll want to do this soon - we don't know when they will cut off that offer.

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