The Spedie Fest & Balloon Rally in Binghamton this past weekend was an opportunity for Vic Furman to educate others on solar energy vs. natural gas.

Binghamton’s Annual Spedie Fest & Balloon Rally that took place this past weekend at Otsiningo Park was, as usual, a wonderful event. For you flatlanders, a Spedie is something special to the culture of Binghamtonians like me. “Spiedies are small pieces of marinated meat (lamb, chicken, pork or beef) that can be skewered and then grilled.” This year’s event, the 33rd, was complete with not only unimaginably good eating opportunities, but also options to visit various vendor booths, including those promoting different things; things such as solar energy. I couldn’t resist.

I noticed, at a distance, at this years Spiedie Fest a young woman sitting at a booth on behalf of “Solar City.” I’m not sure if she represented the company, an agent/contractor or just herself, but I took immediate interest as someone who has repeatedly, in advocating for natural gas, been told solar energy is somehow preferable.

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