Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo's Shame: The Southern Tier Exodus

Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo sold out the Southern Tier of New York for the sake of appeasing the NRDC gang. It’s caused a dreadful Southern Tier exodus.

New York’s Southern Tier is experiencing an exodus, Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo having denied the region any hope of economic revival with his fracking ban and war on pipelines; all to please a handful of malcontents and feather his bed with the all-powerful NRDC gang. The Albany Business Review offers up the data in this article.

The article doesn’t offer up much in the way of explanations, softening the impact of the numbers by noticing out-migration isn’t that unusual and that Upstate New York numbers in that regard aren’t that bad. If you read the story carefully, though, you learn this:

Out-migration — people who move from one state to another — is actually higher both downstate and in fast-growing Florida, the state that officially surpassed New York in population four years ago. Those areas, though, have far higher rates of in-migration from other states.

Only seven upstate counties have grown in population since 2010, according to Census estimates.

The story also presents a slideshow allowing readers to “see the 20 upstate counties that lost the largest share of their population to other states between 2011 and 2015.” Here are some that caught my attention:

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