Bravo! Judge Calls Out Ecoterrorist As “Narcissistic and Attention-Seeking”

A judge has called out an ecoterrorist by the names that properly attach to many of those we know as fractivists — narcissistic and attention seeking.

Not since John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln has an actor so spectacularly misread his audience.

After assassinating President Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C.—and plotting with his coconspirators to simultaneously assassinate three others—the egotistical actor expected to be hailed as a hero by the Confederacy for avenging the South’s recent defeat.

Instead, virtually the entire nation—including most of the Confederacy—railed against Booth, with newspaper editorials labeling him a “madman” and a “wretched fiend.” Even General Robert E. Lee condemned the murder as “deplorable.”

Actor-turned-ecoterrorist Michael Foster made a similar miscalculation about his audience—and suffered a similar fate.

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