Carpetbagging Earthworks Uses Anti-Growth Dirty Tricks on Ohio Counties

Earthworks, the anti-growth tool of a handful of rich gentry class foundations, is embarked on an astroturfed campaign of dirty tricks aimed at Ohio.

We’ve covered some of what’s happening in three counties in Ohio as small network of fractivist types attempts to throw up obstacles to Cabot Oil & Gas doing natural gas development there. A half-dozen serial protesters have been hard at work pretending they represent the concerns of residents in Ashland, Holmes and Richland Counties.

These protesters are now being aided and orchestrated by a carpetbagging outfit called Earthworks that is paid by some of the wealthiest people on earth to create mischief for American oil and gas development wherever the opportunity arises. The latter have very special interests threatened by such development, including “clean energy” scams and deals they’ve made with other countries, including China.

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