Cuomo Actions Suggest Fix Is In or One Treacherous Politician

Recent comments by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and actions by the State Department of Health in appointing “independent” professionals to review public health concerns in the SGEIS show the fix may be in for shale development in New York.

The past few weeks have left many in New York wondering if Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually wants to see responsible Marcellus development move forward in his state. Unfortunately, if the comments he made on Tuesday’s edition of the Fred Dicker show are any indication, it’d be tough to conclude that he genuinely does.

In relaying a question from a listener, Dicker asked the governor if he could understand the frustration that many New York residents are dealing with right now over a Marcellus review process being led by the state that’s been delayed more times than a LaGuardia flight on Christmas Eve – thus denying tens of thousands of hard-working residents the ability to produce (and earn much-needed income off) the minerals they own.

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