Curiously, New York City Now Needs More Natural Gas and Pipelines

New York City public housing faces an energy crisis brought on by an inadequate supply of natural gas the City, at every opportunity, says it doesn’t want.

Three fascinating articles appeared recently about New York City’s natural gas usage, The City, like much of New York, is an exceedingly strange place by normal standards; one where the facts must be roundly denied in favor of the political correctness rules of the day.

It’s a place where natural gas usage and benefits therefrom (lower carbon emissions, fewer asthma deaths, reduced costs, etc.) grow in direct proportion to the rhetoric of a radical anti-gas mayor who a corrupt anti-gas governor indirectly accuses of bribery. Only in New York, but the bottom line is this; New York City needs more natural gas and pipelines.

The first article is from the New York Times and is ostensibly about a battle, between twice-renamed Mayor Bill de Blasio (once known as Warren Wilhem) and Governor Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo, regarding who’s to blame for New York City Housing Authority projects being heatless:

The conditions that left hundreds of thousands of New York City Housing Authority residents without heat and hot water during a record cold snap, as ancient boilers struggled to keep up with falling temperatures, were decades in the making…

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