DRBC: Hey, We Don’t Do No Stinkin’ Economic Development

A comment by the DRBC in regard to folks concerned about the economic impact of its proposed fracking ban reveals stunning ignorance as well as arrogance.

Energy In Depth has a nice summary of the hearing held in Waymart earlier this week to gather local opinion on the potential impact of what appears to be a proposed fracking ban by the Delaware river Basin Commission (DRBC). Reading it, I learned something I didn’t know, even though I was there and testified. I had not seen the Channel 16 coverage of the events and didn’t realize the excuse the DRBC gave for not attending to hear local opinion. When I did read it, I was absolutely stunned at the ignorance and the arrogance of the statement.

Here’s what the calloused, tone-deaf, uniformed DRBC representative who spoke with Channel 16 said was the reason they didn’t come to hear the voices of those impacted, though they were specifically invited (emphasis added):

DRBC did receive an invitation to today’s hearing. We were informed that the subject of the hearing would be focused on the local economic impact that DRBC’s proposed natural gas regulations would have on the area.
The commission’s focus is water resource management, and not economic impact; as such, we did not feel that our attendance at this hearing was appropriate.

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