How the DRBC Could Have Kept the Power On Last Thursday

The DRBC offices were closed last Thursday as electrical outages forced a shutdown. That’s not much of a problem, but there is a solution. It’s natural gas.

When the DRBC offices in West Trenton, New Jersey, had to shut down last Thursday, March 8, the cheers began among my friends, neighbors and relatives. Shutting down the DRBC is next best thing to free beer. The agency has been doing everything it can, in cooperation with the Delaware Povertykeeper to further impoverish our area by denying us the same access to our natural resources that folks on the other side of the Moosic Mountain possess. Yet, the agency could have kept going through the power outage it had been part of combined heat and power (CHP) microgrid such as the one proposed for Trenton.

We could certainly do without the DRBC these days. It’s original functions have largely been superseded and most regions in the country do just fine managing shared watersheds without redundant interstate agencies. Western Pennsylvania is under the thumb of no such agencies, for example, despite the Ohio River that makes up so much of it. I’d like nothing better than our legislature zeroing out funding for the DRBC this year and beginning the long process of withdrawing from this damnable behemoth controlled by out-of-staters. What good is it doing for Pennsylvania — nothing Pennsylvania can’t do for itself.

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