Knowledge wins. Facts prevail. Education triumphs. is the clearinghouse of energy news being consumed by America's policy makers, power brokers, media elite — and the energy industry itself.  It is the mission of to provide the most recent and important oil and natural gas news in one place. Quickly, efficiently and without commentary.  The goal is to make this site the industry standard of energy news aggregation. grew from a market need to have access to independent, timely and relevant energy news and updates effecting the oil and natural gas business environment, policy-making and public's perceptions.  The website works like any news aggregator, but it is energy specific.  You can search the site for key terms, view current articles by topics and see the most recent, most important articles – It is a one-stop shop for all energy related news. is another tool for the overarching education of the American public.  It ensures fact-based information is easily available for government agencies, local and national political representatives, their aides and anyone interested in energy news.  At the end of the day, the more facts the American public has about the energy they consume, the better. 


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