Recently , I talked to our land man for about an hour-I was a little surprised that he had that much time to talk. My mother is still living and is the real owner until she passes it on to my brother, sister and to myself. With her will and the language in the oil/gas lease this will happen with-out probate which is how we want it. This original agreement was made on April 16TH 1897 . Since then the oil/gas laws have changed and our contract with HG ENERGY LLC has improved since they acquired East Resources*West Virginia oil and Gas by assignment,Conveyance and bill of sale effective Jan 1- 2011 to maximize the horizonal techniques rather than vertical. This was for the the Westley-Dulaney farm Located at the center district-Wetzel county-My mother got a small check for $100 to sighn this form and get it back. My question is-since we are in Ft Myers fl.It is hard to see the progress with our own eyes and would like to know if our neighbors up there has seen this work going as planned. This fellow said that his boss was so confident about this project on our land he wanted to order  the pipeline in advance of receiving of all the  400 signatures of the parties involved.. for those reading this -please let us know if there is a lot of activity there!! Thomas Morris!!    P.S. Our land man seems like he is on the level and I hired an attorney in Moundsville to review all the forms-to date!

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Comment by wandering juju on April 5, 2014 at 4:04pm
Comment by wandering juju on April 5, 2014 at 4:00pm

we are working your area  feel free to connect for more info.. 

Comment by babette wyatt on December 24, 2013 at 11:49am

Good morning Thomas, I wanted to let you know the web page for Operational Map. It shows all the locations and the work the Oil&Gas company are doing. Investors, 2012, soon 2013 Annual report. It shows area of wells, pipe lines. It actually a really nice web page and info.  Now I found this for Mark West Energy partner with Marcellus Shale. HG does have a nice web page as well. You can find just about anything by clicking around the page, at the bottom, is the map are link. Have a wonderful day...... 

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