Lesson from the BP Spill — Where Did All the Oil Go?

We all remember the BP spill in 2010, but do we know where all the oil went? Thanks to science, a dispersant broke most of it up and it was bio-degraded.

This story is reprinted from Dr. Ahearn’s e-book “America’s Reluctant Transformation” published by Amazon in March, 2012.

The Ocean Horizon blow-out of 2010 was under control after 100+ days once the well was capped and oil was no longer spewing into the Gulf of Mexico. At that point all sorts of scientists, environmentalists, and government agencies were out there in planes and ships looking for the oil but couldn’t seem to find it, except for some disconnected patches. Some 40-60,000 barrels per day were released for almost 100 days, where did it all go?

Well, a small amount did find its way to the Louisiana shore line and wetlands, and maybe some tainted the beaches in Pensacola, and unfortunately some pelicans and turtles may have been lost but not many relative to their population. Some of the oil was burned, mostly at the site of the blow-out, some of the lighter components were evaporated by the warm temperatures in the Gulf, and most of the rest was broken up, dispersed into tiny droplets and bio-degraded by the many organisms or biota that inhabit the ocean. How can this happen so fast? Simply, the use of the dispersant, COREXIT 9500™.

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