More Evidence Russians Behind Some Fractivist Groups

So much of the fractivist movement is completely fake—to the core—with a handful of groups operating under myriad names and the Russians behind some of it.

As we’ve learned of recent, the Russians are very active with social media in this country, trying to stir up things wherever they can, often on both sides of issues. One area where they’ve most definitely taken one side, though, is on hydraulic fracturing. They’re against it, unless they’re the ones doing it. They want the ability to hold Europe captive to their natural gas.

Incredibly, they’ve also managed, through the assist of Massachusetts fractivists and their pandering political supporters, to open open up Boston as a LNG market for themselves, even as the Marcellus Shale sits next door. Massachusetts has eagerly made itself vulnerable to the Russians and high gas and electric prices with the support of Governor Andrew “Corruotocrat” Cuomo, ever eager to please his NRDC gang masters.

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