Northeast Air Quality Rises to New Highs with Natural Gas Use

Northeast air quality has dramatically improved at the same time as natural gas consumption has similarly risen and it’s no coincidence, of course.

A few days ago the EPA came out with a celebratory website of sorts marking the great improvements in the nation’s air quality since the Clean Air Act was enacted. It’s not your typical government report and is well worth perusing. The facts about how much cleaner our nation’s air is today are nothing less than startling; in a good way. Energy In Depth took notice of the report and posted a very nice piece noting the gains made while natural gas use was rising, a fact not much mentioned in the report because, no doubt, the EPA wants the credit—all of it. The EID analysis is also worth your time. But, there’s more.

I decided to take a dive into the EPA data with a view to what’s happening at the epicenter of resistance to the shale revolution; the Northeast. The Northeast is home to a handful of eltist-financed groups such as the Catskill Mountainkeeper and NRDC (one and the same), the Delaware Riverkeeper, the Sierra Club and the Clean Air Council. They routinely spend their trust-funder bucks attacking pipelines helping to improve Northeast air quality. 

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