Pennsylvania DCNR Land Scandal Gets Worse As PennVest Dissembles

Pennsylvania DCNR is making a lot of phony claims and using PennVest dollars intended for water and sewer projects to grab land for a wilderness preserve.

The DCNR land grab scandal I wrote about here a few weeks ago, is getting worse. As I noted then, this poorly executed scam to ripoff the taxpayers offers a perfect demonstration of the special interests behind the type of fractivism funded by the Rockefellers and the William Penn Foundation. They aim to create wilderness playgrounds for the enjoyment of the rich and famous while profiting handsomely. Pennsylvania DCNR, in fact, is precisely following the model established by the Rockefeller family’s Open Space Institute, which used Empire State Development money intended for economic development to fund a wilderness land grab in New York. People are starting to notice the DCNR deal, though. They’re asking questions and the answers aren’t good.

The truth about why smug well-connected Cindy Dunn wants this bad deal so badly is, as I explained earlier:

…found in the talk about a “conservation gap” and a “land bridge.” She’s determined to make a Northwest PA wilderness on the backs of taxpayers and residents of that county and its neighbors for the sale of those many wealthy visitors who want a wilderness experience uncluttered by real people and their enterprises; people who have to get their hands dirty making a living and don’t have the luxury of trips from Philly or Pittsburgh for weekend hikes. They know there’s little or no money in selling organic granola bars to those folks.

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