County Groups now Open for Promoting


We are making some slight changes to our non-solicitation rules on The reason for the change is that it has become evident that there is a need for a place where landgroups and mineral owners can network, organize and yes, even promote. So with that said, the no-solicitation rule is only lifted in the county groups. Land groups and mineral owners will now be able to freely organize, promote and educate without a concern of violating a solicitation rule. 


So, promotion CAN take place in the County Groups (indicated with "County" in its title) 


The main homepage forum (general forum), the New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Landowner's groups will remain off limits to promotion. Any posts or discussions that solciits in these areas will be deleted and the poster will be banned. We continue to reserve the right to remove any post that is not in keeping wih the best interest of GMS.


Promotion CANNOT take place in the;

1) General Forum (ie, the homepage forum

2) Ohio Landowner's group

3) Pennsylvania Landowner's group

4) West Virginia Landowner's group

5) New York Landowner's group


The new solicitation policy.

"There is zero tolerance for unauthorized solicitations and spamming in the homepage forum and the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Lanowner's groups. Personal emails, websites or phone numbers will be assumed to be solicitations in these areas. Permitted sites to post include news, licensed non-profits & government agencies. Additionally, utilization of one's profile photo and/or name to promote a biz is prohibited."


"Where you CAN promote: Promotion of one's land/land group/services can be made in the "County" groups. IE, the groups that have "county" in its title."


The goal has always been to provide the most useful website and this slight change will allow the site to maximize its usefulness.


You can agree to these new rules by clicking here -



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