Sen. Lisa Baker Exposes the DRBC Fracking Ban Case As An Empty Shell

Sen. Lisa Baker questioned Pennsylvania DEP Sec. McDonnell regarding the DRBC quagmire at Senate Budget hearings and got him to admit some important things.

Pennsylvania Senator Lisa Baker deserves three cheers for her questioning of DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell at Senate budget hearings. It was a very respectable discussion, as is proper, but Baker had done her homework and accomplished several things. Most of all, she got an uncomfortable McDonnell, who’s trapped between what he knows to be correct and an unengaged, condescending governor with a political agenda— who happens to be his boss—to admit some key points. Baker knew what she was doing.

The first thing apparent is the obvious level of discomfort in McDonnell’s body language. I noticed the same thing in privately talking with him after one of the Governor’s “Cabinet in the Community” dog and pony shows. McDonnell is, in my judgment, just too honest for this stuff.

The transcript of the exchange tells us more, for McDonnell’s answers reveal the empty shell that is the DRBC justification for its power play.

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