The Adelphia Gateway: Making An Old Pipeline Great Again

The reinvention of an old oil pipeline to serve as the Adelphia Gateway will deliver clean, economical, low-carbon natural gas to the Philadelphia region.

Back in November, Jim Willis reported on “a brand new pipeline project…in the Greater Philadelphia area,” stating that “although the project is new, the pipeline is old–already in the ground.” That project is the Adelphia Gateway and it will repurpose the old pipeline to deliver natural gas to Philadelphia. FERC is now considering the project and it deserves our support, as it will be yet another outlet for Marcellus Shale gas.

The project was nicely summarized by Andrew Maykuth in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The 84-mile underground pipeline was now delivers either oil or natural gas to two Talen power plants in Northampton County. Adelphia Gateway plans to convert the southern 50-mile portion of the pipeline, which now transports oil in a northern direction, to transport gas southward to customers in Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties…

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