The DRBC Concludes Its Sham Hearings with Comedy Routine

The DRBC finished its sham hearings on its proposed fracking ban yesterday with a phone-in exercise that started late, ended early and was a comedy routine.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) ended its sham set of hearings on its proposed fracking ban yesterday. It was a joke. Set up as experimental hearing format where testimony was given by phone, it did have one redeeming value. The witnesses, because, they couldn’t be seen in full theatrical mode, could be judged by the content of their remarks. Much like The Voice, the format allowed those listening to evaluate the output itself without being distracted by appearances. It illustrated just how completely hollow, unscientific and, frankly, comedic, the pro-ban testimony was. This was the case throughout the hearings but the call-in format highlighted the foolishness.

The hearing was supposed to start at 1:30 PM and go to 3:30 PM but Steve Tambini, who acted as hearing officer for this one, didn’t get started to 1:40 PM. Actual testimony began about 1:45 PM and was essentially over at 2:30 PM but held open until later, apparently drawing out a few others, including Tracy Carluccio. She came on sometime after I spoke to attempt a rebuttal of the SRBC water quality point I and numerous others had made repeatedly at earlier hearings.

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