The Failed Lawsuit Strategy of the La Jolla Junta. Or, Was the Whole Thing a Ruse?

The NRDC gang has been pursuing a ludicrous lawsuit strategy against Exxon via through the La Jolla Junta. Is it really about telling Exxon to stay away?

If you enjoy slapstick humor, you’ve got to follow People of the State of California v BP. This case features more exploding cigars than a “Three Stooges” marathon.

This multi-billion-dollar lawsuit—brought by anti-industry trial lawyer and La Jolla conferee, Matt Pawa, on behalf of the cities of San Francisco and Oakland—is one of nine nearly identical lawsuits filed by U.S. cities against the world’s leading oil companies. And if this particular case is any indication, they are all doomed.

Pawa suffered his first humiliation when defendant Exxon filed court papers in January seeking to force government officials to explain under oath how they could file lawsuits that warned of “imminent sea level rise [which] presented a substantial threat to its jurisdiction,” while failing to “disclose to investors such risks in their respective bond offerings.”

For example, San Francisco’s lawsuit said it faced “imminent risk of catastrophic storm surge flooding,” while a general obligation bond offering last year said the city “is unable to predict whether sea-level or rise or other impacts of climate change…will occur,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

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