The Guardian Makes Yet Another Attack on Fracking, This Time at Home

The Guardian, a UK newspaper, has long opposed fracking in its reporting, making a victim of Vera Scroggins, for example, but now it’s trashing it at home.

The Guardian is, probably, the UK’s most well-known newspaper outside of that country and certainly here in the US where we’ve become quite accustomed to its biased reporting on fracking. Who can forget how Guardian reporter Suzanne Goldenberg once crowned Vera Scroggins with heroi...? She later relented a bit, but the die was cast and the Guardian used Christmas day to launch another attack on fracking at home, which is spectacularly bad manners given the mind-boggling potential of the UK’s Bowland Shale.


The Guardian’s London offices in the King’s Place building

Our friend, Nick Grealy, of London Local Energy and Not Hot Air (a/k/a Reimagine Gas, has long extolled the sheer size of the Bowland Shale resource and what it might do for the UK. Not so long ago, he noted “The Three Great Advantages of UK Shale Gas,” for example.

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