The Sustainability Bugaboo and the Price of Green Political Correctness

Steven Pinker looks at sustainability and what it cannot be allowed to mean if we value progress. It’s not the green political correctness pushed on us.

Add Steven Pinker to the list of rational thinkers who proclaim we need to stop playing games of green political correctness if we value positive change. Sustainability, as fractivists and other environmental extremists would apply the term, has become a bugaboo preventing us from giving our children a better future.

I talked about the subject of green political correctness in a post three years ago that, turn, analyzed an article by Matt Ridley, the author of the Rational OptimistLike Bjorn Lomborg, The Skeptical Environmentalist and Julian Simon before him (not to mention Ben Wattenberg), Pinker is an amazingly clear thinker who doesn’t get hung up on green political correctness. He has a superb article entitled “Enlightenment Environmentalism: The Case for Ecomodernism” at The Breakthrough site. 

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