The Ugly Truth Behind Truthout, the CELDF and Grant Township

The truth behind the Grant Township injection well controversy is ugly. The parties taking advantage of the Township are totalitarian wannabes out for power.

We previously reported on the story of two Pennsylvania townships that were either hoodwinked, or perhaps willing led astray, by the radical Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) into passing (now overturned) bans on fracking and injection wells in their towns; Highland Township (Elk County) and Grant Township (Indiana County). The CELDF continues to agitate against the Indiana Township injection well hoping to producer anarchy.

The two townships thought they would do an end-run around the state’s authority to issue permits for two injection wells, one in each township, by re-incorporating under so-called home rule charters. The towns essentially declared themselves independent of the state for a variety of matters, including oil and gas permits, which the Pennsylvania state constitution clearly says is a function of only the state Dept. of Environmental Protection.

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