Why Mariner East 2 Is Essential to Southeast PA – Part II

The economic benefits of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline for Southeast PA go far beyond the $9 billion of construction impacts. There is much, much more there.

Yesterday, I excerpted parts of a guest post on Marcellus Drilling News from Garland L. Thompson extolling the economics of the Mariner East 2 to Southeast PA. My post also included material from another MDN piece on the role of the Mariner East 2 in maintaining stable propane prices in the Philly region. Earlier in the week, a new study was also released by Econsult Solutions addressing the huge economic benefits of the project with respect to pipeline and associated industrial development. The study was summarized here, but the focus was all on construction benefits. They are but the beginning.

A news story in the Delaware County Daily Times was typical of the reporting on the Econsult study regarding Mariner East 2 benefits. It covered the construction impacts, which are huge, other construction activity associated with the project and all the multiplier effects. They add up to a cool $9 billion in benefits.

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