Maybe the scenery in my video will resonate with someone who likes what I bring to the table - a practiced eye for solving problems through design.

Initially, (going way back), I had to transfer out of a program at the local liberal arts University campus here in North Carolina that was overly-artistic in its emphasis, so I ended-up at our land grant college because I wanted to do something more with my talent. Then, working construction to put myself through school, I felt I went through enough hard knocks to shake the "artistic" tag, but, as you can see, I can still draw a pretty picture.

What excites me now is applying my skills in the areas where great discoveries are being made, so I'd love to get my design for a cantilevered drilling platform in play, as it uses recycled rigid-frame beams & columns. Also, just because I got a degree in Environmental Design, I am not off the deep end in "being green." I tell everyone, I was into the environment before it became an "ism." If any opportunities present themselves in land planning, soils testing, field surveying, CAD drafting, or conceptual design, I'd like to have a conversation with anyone connected-to this area that contains so much promise.....

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