I was just checking the Pa DEP site and saw that there are 6 unconventional wells permitted for Venango county this year. 3 gas 2 oil and gas, and 1 oil!!! Does anyone have any information on these? I was unable to find to which company the permits were issued or the locations. I was under the impression that Venango county was dead as far as leasing......maybe not so much???

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I attached the permit report which has all the info you are seeking. None of these wells were spud this year.

It was indeed a dead year in Venango County for unconventional drilling. 

Thank you for that link. But now I have more questions. Why is a " vertical " well unconventional? And...with all the doom and gloom for Venango Co., is this not at least a small glimmer of hope that we are not forgotten entirely? Or do you think these permits will never result in wells being drilled?


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