Well didn't get this months check from Chesapeake,they weren't able to sell the gas that they produced from the well in our unit, so I guess the gas just evaporated into the stratosphere, I wish chesapeake would just evaporate and we could get picked up by another company,,,

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Chesapeake is starting  to scare me. I cant believe they can skip a month paying you

How am I supposed to know, that's what they told me on the phone, if you ask any questions all you get is stupid answers, they couldn't find a buyer for the gas, but statoil , who took gas from the same well found a buyer,, Chesapeake is the worst, we might get paid the march payment in April, if they find a buyer by then, if it's not in that payment they said to call back, and they will look into it,, look into what,the abyss


If you are able to go to the well site, the well tenders go most every day.

You will get more info from them as they are hands-on guys and know what's happening.

Calling OK is fruitless.

If you ever have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer as besti can,, as I see it we are all fish in the bottom of chesapeakes barrel,,
What unit are you in? I would check with the neighbors and see if they had the same problem.
Gemm unit in litchfield, I live in NJ,so don't really talk to the neighbors much, seems like every problem I have with Chesapeake I call my one neighbor but I would be calling him every day with all the problems so don't really like to bother him,,
I should have asked this prior, how many acres are in the unit? If the check isn't over $100 they can hold until it gets over $100. I am shocked that they told you they couldn't sell the gas.

Chk turned off 2 of our wells.

Found this out today when I spoke to the well tender.

He said he will turn them back on soon.

CHK decided to turn them off because it costs more to haul the brine water then the wells are generating.

We have not received royalties for 2 wells for the past 2 months.

Sorry to hear that JK,,
Is your well 'shut-in'?
Maybe your 'Delay Rental' clause will kick-in?


No our wells are not shut-in as far as the well tender told me.

He said he is going to turn them on.

This was after I called him yesterday.

Calling OKL is worthless as nobody knows what's going on.

The local CHK office where your wells are listed is the place to call.

On another note, in the recent past we have found out the only way to get their attention is to file a lawsuit. We have won every time. This is also good for future issues as you need to sue them civilly(sp) first.

Our well is not shut in cause I got a check for $80 from statoil for this month,, they bought 33 percent of the well and their more on top of things then Chesapeake,,,


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